Why you need a rugged tablet for your business operations?


Tablets are a fast-growing part of every business. Their flexibility and impressive resources make them perfect for every type of team. Now, they’ve become part of the rugged device category. In fact, VDC research has anticipated that the overall usage of the rugged tablet will reach 8.3 million units by 2022.

There’s no question about it – enterprises have started to deploy tablets across their business operations, in order to improve the performance, and elevate their company.

In case you’re wondering why you need a rugged tablet; we’ve compiled all the information here.

What is a rugged tablet?

Rugged tablets are basically handheld, portable computers. They have been traditionally used in supply chain spaces – making everybody’s tasks a lot easier. They are now sneaking their way into other forms of work.

They have, to name a few, a full Windows operating system, embedded broadband, GPS, and larger touch screens than your average phone or mobile computer. They also provide access to a wide range of applications and suites.

Although more substantial than a tablet or mobile, they are still much more comfortable to carry around than a laptop or notebook computer – it’s almost like a brilliant middle ground. As technology improves, rugged tablets also offer new features. For instance, real-time tracking is now available through one of these smart devices.

Why you should pick a rugged tablet

With tiny computers, iPads, and larger phones now available – you might be wondering why a rugged tablet should be the choice.

From the outset, a rugged tablet is more robust and reliable than your average tablet. It’s been specifically designed for workplaces and can be equipped with specialized tools and extensions. Not only that, but they can be integrated into existing systems, that your team already relies on.

If this brief overview doesn’t sell it for you, below are the top reasons why you need a rugged tablet for your business operations.

  • Helping with warehouse management

For a while, warehouse management has utilized mobile devices to help them with various tasks. Including shipping, tracking stock, and inventory consolidation. That being said, many warehouses are still searching for a mobile solution, that provides an unmatched level of flexibility.  

It comes as no surprise that rugged devices are increasingly becoming the most appealing option for warehouse managers. Not only are they designed to withstand warehouse environments, but they allow operators to meet customer’s needs much more efficiently.

Rugged devices especially come in handy when bar code scanning, picking, packing, and shipping. All in all, they are a low-cost, flexible alternative to a standard device.

If your business requires a warehouse operation team, a rugged tablet could be an excellent option for you.

  • Assisting delivery

An age-old problem with delivery was absolutely the need for paper. Not only was this not an overly organized system, but it also wasn’t the eco-friendliest system either. With rugged tablets, delivery drivers and shippers can eliminate the paper from their system. This helps to avoid any mistakes, misplacements, or accidents. Everything is saved on a device and kept safe.

Driver logos, HOS tracking, and onboard GPS are also available with a rugged tablet – making everything run smoother and giving you a device that has everything all in one.

Businesses will have real-time tracking of all their drivers and will be able to provide customers with real-time updates and give accurate predictions on delivery. This ensures that the service you provide, as a business operator, much more efficient and seamless.

For these reasons, rugged tablets are amazing for delivery purposes. If you have an e-commerce store, or a shipping business – having a device like this will improve your operations drastically.

  • Boosting retail tasks

As for retail businesses, rugged tablets also provide a range of benefits. Of course, the barcode and RFID scanning comes in handy in these situations – making specific tasks much easier, and eliminating risks of mistakes.

Rugged tablets can also provide other retail functions, such as credit card processing. Business operators and retailers have everything they could possibly need, with a rugged tablet. It’s a go-to device for all shipping and receiving needs.

Rugged tablets also help with promotion tracking, line busting, inventory management, and mobile point-of-sale on the sales floor — a multi-tasking device, for businesses that do it all.

  • Helping in the airline industry

The airline industry also benefits significantly from rugged tablets. Obviously, maintenance is a big part of airline businesses – and those flights that are grounded due to mechanical failures cost a hefty amount of money.

Forbes found that a single airline takes a hit of $3.2 billion a year, just from the poor-quality analysis. For this reason, business operations focus heavily on quality control.

With the use of MRO software, airlines can manage their fleet of planes much better, and avoid any hidden costs. A rugged device is the only one that can withstand the extreme environments, while still providing the results that they need.

When the safety of aeroplane passengers is at stake, device security is also absolutely essential. Rugged devices can provide airports with a level of protection that gives everybody peace of mind. With specific features that ensure the rugged tablet is only being used correctly and in the designated area, are necessary for both airport security and business operators.

  •  Protecting private data

On the topic of security, private information is also a huge consideration for many businesses. This could be anything from bank details, to personal health records. Again, a rugged tablet helps in giving everybody involved peace of mind.

By using security software and particular features. You can be notified about a specific breach or security risk. Two-factor authentications and even fingerprint ID is also available.

In comparison to paper records, it’s a much safer and efficient option.

It’s also much easier to schedule meetings – using private data to help with calendar syncing. For business operations, a seamless way to schedule meetings seems like a dream come true.

  • Helping with workflow

Many people shy away from using a rugged tablet, as it might hinder workflow. However, with pens, replaceable batteries, and other various features, the workflow is never damaged. In fact, it has been proven to make everything work and run faster.

Whether you need a digital notepad and pen, touch screen that works with gloves, or voice recognition – a rugged tablet will help out with everything.

Some of your businesses’ toughest challenges can be helped, or even solved, with the introduction of a rugged tablet.

  • Maximizing healthcare

If you’re operating a business in the healthcare industry, rugged tablets have improved the services provided by those in the healthcare field.

Not only can eliminating the need for hand-entered data saved lives, but money time and energy can also be saved. You’ll see rugged tablets around hospitals and other medical facilities, and they’ve proven time and time again to help.

Mobile imaging is an obvious use – for ultrasounds, and x-rays. However, with the new ability to compare two pictures, it helps with deciding treatment and diagnosis.

For medical documentation, practice management, and medication orders, rugged tablets have also proved beyond helpful. By reducing errors, saving time, and improving organization – rugged tablets have become a beloved tool in the healthcare industry,

Other companies, outside of the healthcare industry, might just be able to take a few tips from them, too.

  •   Increased accuracy

One of the main selling points of rugged tablets is accuracy. Human-made errors are a normal and common issue – it doesn’t necessarily reflect poorly on the human, but it can have cataclysmic consequences on a business. For your business operations, you should consider using rugged tablets, for accuracy, if not anything else.

Whether it’s handwritten inconsistencies, lost paperwork, or infield errors – these mistakes will be avoided with one device. Isn’t that incredible?

If you seem to have an issue with paperwork, a rugged tablet should be a significant consideration for you. Everybody welcomes a reduction in admin work.

  •   Unmatched durability

Apart from the size, why is a rugged tablet better than a notebook or MacBook? It all comes down to the durability, and versatility to be helpful in any environment.   

Not all tablets or mobile devices are designed for extreme environments. This could be in a warehouse, or on a runway. If you’re staff and colleagues all have iPads, we can guarantee there will be breakages.

Rugged devices actually last five years, sometimes even longer. They survive in harsh weather conditions, and in very shaky places – like a delivery truck. Research has shown that companies that don’t buy rugged devices, actually end up spending double.

Also, device failure costs about 30-40 minutes of worker downtime. As a business operator, you’ll know every single minute is precious – especially when you’re providing a service or product.

Overall, rugged tablets are designed for hard use – with convenient and technical advantages. You can equip them to suit your businesses’ needs, and integrate them into existing systems. They really could be the future of your company

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