Why Go Rugged? The Benefits of Rugged Tablets

You’ve more than likely heard of rugged tablets, with everybody stating to you that you need one for your business. However, you might not know of all the benefits of a rugged tablet – especially considering it goes way beyond its stereotype of being just a “protective case.”

We’ve decided to list all the benefits into one easy list – you’ll get all your information in one, and know for definite if you’re making the right choice.

What is a rugged tablet?

As you might have guessed, a rugged tablet is a durable tablet PC. It has been designed and created to pass specific tests, predominately focusing on protection from liquids, dust, shock, extreme temperatures, and vibrations – just to name a handful.

However, the claim that it’s just a tablet with a protective case around is not true. While a protective case may protect your consumer tablet, repeated damage will be affecting your tablet internally. However, with a rugged tablet, you are protected from the inside out.

A rugged tablet has been designed differently, ensuring that your tablet will need less maintenance, and the longevity is increased.

Below are more specific benefits and how it will benefit you and your company.

  • The total cost of ownership

As with every business, price is an essential factor to consider. Admittedly, a rugged tablet will cost more initially than a consumer tablet. However, the design shift and focus on longevity mean that the total cost of ownership (TCO) is much lower.

Considering the TCO is essential when it comes to a rugged tablet, especially if you’re trying to decide between a rugged and a non-rugged tablet.

Industry data has shown that rugged tablets are cheaper over 3 years than non-rugged tablets. Yes, even if a non-rugged tablet was free. This is courtesy of the long-time cost of mobile devices – which continually break or shut down, especially when subjected to harsh environments.

When you consider your businesses needs and climate – it seems like the obvious choice to pick a rugged tablet.

  • There is a focus on continuity

Mobile devices and technology continuously change so much. In fact, with all the new updates and models, it can be challenging to become accustomed to a particular design or software. Of course, we know this isn’t ideal for businesses – where a level of continuity is essential.

When a business focuses on longevity, they also hope that the software and design stay coherent too. Many rugged tablets will always keep up to date with the latest updates, without disregarding a company’s need for continuity. Unlike with consumer tablets, that are constantly changing.

Importantly, rugged tablet companies will also provide help and support throughout the warranty. Many even offer this outside of the warranty, ensuring that you never have to make a giant shift from device to device.

If your company has a strong focus on continuity, a rugged tablet is definitely the perfect choice.

  • Specified for your needs

You may be sceptical as to how a rugged tablet will protect against everything your environment throws at it. As a matter of fact, rugged tablets often are specifically designed for specific situations. For instance, if you’re looking for a device that protects against dust and water – particular makes and models will do this. Conversely, if your attention is focused on extreme temperatures, individual rugged tablets will perform better in that area. For this reason, you can rest assured that you’ll have all the protection you need.

  • Flexibility is unmatched

For many, the choice lies between a rugged tablet and a laptop. Obviously, both have their benefits – but a rugged tablet does offer a lot more flexibility. Not only in terms of size, but also in terms of convenience. As a hand-held device, they’re much more comfortable to switch to and open.

A great example of this is with customer payments. You can equip your rugged tablets with RFID scanners, which can check on-site inventory, and credit card scanners for instant customer payments. Obviously, this offers you everything you can need, all on a handy little device.

  • Employee productivity reaches new highs

A surprising benefit of rugged tablets is the increase in employee productivity. This mainly comes down to a lack of downtime due to device failure. With non-rugged technology, failures are a common theme – which leads to staff downtime, and a loss of money. Not only that, frustration might heighten, and morale begins to decline.

With a device that has been specially designed to withstand inevitable shocks and damages, you can expect these issues to occur much less often. Employees won’t feel on edge, and they’ll have more motivation to continually work and succeed.

It’s a win-win for both the company and the employees.

  • They offer higher performance processing

It’s not all about protecting, rugged tablets also provide an unmatched performance internally. For instance, if your company requires a high capacity for storing pertinent data or an intense level of information processing – rugged tablets will provide you with the solution.

They’re almost like a jack of all trades – while protecting against any harsh climates, they don’t compromise internally. Providing you with a durable yet high performing device that will serve you and your company perfectly.

It’s fair to say that rugged tablets are more suited for businesses.

  • Their additional features revolutionise work

Rugged tablets have extra features that really have been included, with companies in mind. In comparison to other devices, that usually have an individual consumer in mind.

For instance, as rugged tablets are mostly meant for outdoor use, they have sunlight readability. This prevents any glares, helping the user to read and operate even with strong sunlight shining on the screen.

Manufacturers are also aware of the severe working conditions that industrial workers face, in terms of heat. Rugged tablets are designed to endure extreme temperatures, as well as drastic temperature fluctuation. Again, showing that rugged tablets always have the company in mind.

  • They’re versatile with various operating systems

The majority of rugged tablets will come with adaptable features – making them compatible with basically every operating system that there is. Again, for work environments, this is extremely important – back to the point about continuity. You won’t have to change your operating system, just to include rugged tablets in your workplace.

The touch screen, wireless, and Bluetooth connectivity also assists with the adaptability.

  • The specifications to look out for

While listing the benefits, it’s also vital to showcase which specifications you need to look out for. Every business has its own unique needs – and knowing what to look out for when picking your rugged tablet, helps to ensure you reap all the benefits.

  • The Ingress Protecting rating

Referred to as the IP rating, this revolves around protection from dust and liquids. The minimum standard for rugged tablets is IP54 – which means that they protect from dust (5) and protect from low-pressure water (4).

Some devices will have a higher IP rating, which means that they will protect against more just and higher pressures of water. These rugged devices will have an IP rating of 1P68.

A company will rarely need a rating higher than IP65 – but, as we said, every company is different.

  • The Drop rating

As the name suggests, this is the rating for the shock or drop protection. The drop rating is concerning the height that they have been drop tests – these are repeated tests onto concrete, all from different angles. It goes without saying that a consumer device would rarely survive the first fall.

The drop rating is arguably one of the most important specifications, as it is such a common issue. Rugged or not, it’s the most common form of damage to a mobile device.

When searching for a rugged tablet, look out for the drop rating. Many devices state that they have a 4ft (48inch) drop rating. Whether you want to test for yourself is your choice.

  • MIL810

This is a much less common rating; as a military rating which covers multiple test areas, it can be quite confusing.

It covers shock, temperature, vibration, altitude, and humidity. Though you might not always see a rugged device with this rating, they will all have tolerance against these hardships.

However, if you see the MIL810 on your rugged device, you can be confident that the testing has been much more thorough – giving you an added sense of security.

With all the benefits of a rugged tablet, your hardest decision lies with which rugged tablet you’ll get for your company.

As devices, they have something special – they focus predominately on the business, rather than an individual. By focusing their attention on the unique requirements, you have a device that externally and internally works best for your company.

We hope we proved that it’s more than just a protective case. Rugged devices have an array of amazing benefits that you won’t find anywhere else.

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