What are the characteristics of the best rugged tablet?

Many workers that are in busy environments or temperamental conditions have opted for a rugged tablet. The benefits are truly unmatched, with their ability to withstand knocks, as well as their advanced processing systems.

However, not all rugged tablets are created equal – and for you to be able to find the best one for you, you need to know all the amazing characteristics of the best rugged tablet.

Below, we’ve listed all the qualities you should look out for, and why they may be essential for you too.

1. Shockproof

Every single device, whether it’s your mobile phone or laptop, is prone to being dropped. However, if these devices are the soul of your company, and are subject to drops and shocks – you should consider a rugged device.

Rugged devices are shockproof, which commonly means that they can survive drops as high as 4ft. It also means that they can withstand vibrations – perfect for warehouses and construction sites. If this is your main concern, you may have considered buying a protective case for your current tablet – this won’t suffice, though.

Every time you drop your device, though externally it may look perfectly fine, internally it will be getting damaged. A rugged device is built to withstand shocks and drops both externally and internally.

2. Waterproof

Many rugged tablets are also waterproof – which makes them perfect for outdoor use, as well as suitable for specific industries.

When a rugged device labels itself as waterproof, this also means that it can withstand water-based products such as mud, which many other waterproof cases aren’t equipped for.

It’s also worth noting that rugged devices are also dustproof, which makes them the best tools for warehouses, construction sites, and workshops. Dust is often overlooked when designing a device, which can be detrimental.

3. Processing power

As rugged devices have been designed with companies in mind, their processing power is very often much higher than that of a consumer-grade tablet.

They’re able to hold a much higher degree of information, and process information much easier. Specific tasks and updates will make consumer tablets run slower, while a rugged tablet won’t struggle to perform, even complex jobs.

As a company, picking a device that has an enviable processing power is always the best option. Of course, individual rugged tablets have much better processors, which all depends on your personal needs and choice.

4. Longer lifespan

As a result of their durability, and better processing powers, rugged tablets outlive their consumer counterparts by years.

Rugged devices lifespans can extend years – making them a smart choice for businesses that need a reliable, and fast device. Even their internal software can withstand years of use and drops – making them the perfect choice for companies that want to minimise downtime and costs.

With their longevity comes employee and customer satisfaction – no paperwork is lost, and consistency is prevalent. It’s a win-win for everybody involved.

It’s this lifespan that is a vital characteristic of a rugged tablet.

5. The ability to personalise

Rugged devices allow companies to make their tools personal to them. Through apps, design, and individual log-ins.

They’re entirely unique to the user, and hold all the necessary applications and documents with the click of a finger. For instance, a rugged tablet can be fitted with specific accessibility applications and additions – to make it usable by a particular user.

There are many other complex and simple ways that a rugged device can be personal to the user. Perhaps individual contacts are saved. Just like with a mobile device, these handy devices can be uniquely suited and designed for you. The most common way to do this is through apps.

You can even create a customisable notification light on some rugged device – giving you information about the call or message, without the need for sound.

6. Configurable hardware

Configurable hardware is a significant factor for many industries. Rugged devices offer this, which is a stand-out characteristic of the durable devices.

Every device has hardware configuration which may revolve around transferring data, memory addresses, or power management features. As we mentioned, rugged devices are designed with businesses in mind – which makes their hardware configuration perfect.

Most modern systems will auto-configure, which also takes the stress away, and allows companies to focus their attention elsewhere.

7. The contracts

Though maybe not considered a direct characteristic, it’s still essential for your company. As a rugged device outlives many of their consumer-grade equivalents, their contracts are always questioned.

However, the majority of rugged tablets will have specialised contracts – which help with maintenance repairs, and specific problems that rugged tablets deal with. Also, parts and pieces are often kept for much longer, meaning that repairs can still be performed even years down the line.

8. Increased battery life

Many rugged tablets are used in hospitality industries – including restaurants and hotels. They’re also commonly taken on the road, and used for the entirety of a project. It goes without saying that rugged tablets, therefore, need a fantastic battery.

The majority of consumer tablets and phones have a very short battery life, primarily if it is continually being used. However, rugged devices have a much higher battery life – lasting entire shifts or workdays.

If they do, just so happen, to run out of battery, many rugged devices have a dual battery system. This allows the user to replace the battery for a charged one simply, the moment it warns them. This comes in handy for just about any user.

9. POS systems

Rugged devices are commonly used in shops and customer-based areas. To make the buying process run more smoothly.

POS systems are the point of sales, which allow staff in restaurants, bars, retail shops, and salons to take payments, wherever they may be. This offers unmatched flexibility, which ultimately enhances customer service.

This type of technology is a great way to make your business more mobile and more flexible. For example, pop up shops and table service can now use the reliable, rugged tablet to help enhance their company.

10. The price

A characteristic of a rugged tablet is undoubtedly the price. However, in comparison to consumer-grade tablets, this doesn’t seem desirable.

Admittedly, rugged tablets appear more expensive from the outset, but their total cost of ownership (TOC) is much lower. In fact, it was found that a rugged tablet will always be more cost-effective in the long run, than a consumer-grade tablet – even if you received the consumer tablet for free.

The reasoning behind this lies with maintenance and replacement costs – which are virtually non-existent with rugged tablets.

11. Special additions

Rugged tablets are also equipped with certain special features, unique to the company and industry that you work in. These can include:

  • Touchscreen workable with gloves on
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Barcode scanner
  • Picture taking
  • Corning gorilla glass
  • Indoor air quality sensors
  • Infrared technology
  • Walkie-talkie style communication
  • VOC detector
  • Sound level meter
  • Gyroscope

This is just naming a small handful or unique additions – rugged devices can revolutionise your company with these additions.

12. Accessories

Rugged devices also come with a range of external devices, making them compatible in multiple different locations. Hypothetically, you can use your rugged tablet on the road as a surveyor and then return to your office to complete your admin work.

With dicking stations, wireless chargers and keyboards all available for these mobile devices – they’re perfect for stores, cars, and pockets. It’s this flexibility that really makes them so desirable for many.

When searching for the best rugged device, make sure to look at the compatible accessories – these can be a make or break for your company.

13. Security

Many companies have sensitive customer or company data, that needs to be protected. Rugged devices have a much clear focus on this type of protection – knowing that their devices will be industries such as healthcare and energy.

Rugged devices have no issue in sticking to specific security regulations, as well as ensuring that all data is safe and secure. They’re similar to computers – which are considerably harder to “hack,” uniquely when configured in the right way.

Of course, this characteristic is beneficial to both the company and the customer – and is of paramount importance.

The word “rugged” spans much further than just durability, in regards to these devices. As you can see from the characteristics above, rugged devices are specifically designed with enterprises in mind – putting them on a well-deserved pedestal for companies.

These devices have been designed and crafted with business clients in mind; this makes their features and benefits all perfect for you, and your company.

Importantly, every rugged device is different – every single one is better suited for a different type of industry, and specific characteristics are unique to a particular device.

Demand for military-grade devices, like tablets, is high. Certain features and characteristics will begin to improve and expand, as these rugged devices want to fight for the company’s attention – make sure that you choose one that’s best suited for your needs.

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