Rugged Tablets for Transportation and Logistics

Rugged tablets have completely changed how our transportation and logistics centres work. Regardless of if you’re located in a warehouse, distribution centre, or managing inventory in the back room of retail – rugged tablets prove to be incredibly beneficial. The connectivity benefits, real-time updates, and staff management applications all mean that processes work better, and a rugged tablet solution will … Read More

Rugged Tablets for Retail Supply Chain

Why you need custom rugged tablets for the retail supply chain? The main objective of a retail supply chain is that productivity is high. This means that every product should flow from the manufacturer to the distributor, all the way to the stock room. It’s absolutely essential that the entire process runs smoothly, for the consumer and your business. In … Read More

The Uses of Rugged Tablets in Different Industries

Ruggetech-Rugged-Tablets-Farming-Industry-Rugged Windows Tablets,

Rugged tablets are taking over multiple industries. When implemented into work, they can completely revolutionise how productive and motivated your team is. However, when considering the benefits of a rugged tablet, it can be difficult to imagine them in your specific industry. For example, the retail sector has extremely different requirements for the construction industry. We’ve dived into every industry, … Read More

10 Reasons-to-Love-Windows-10-on-Rugged-Tablets

Rugged Windows Tablets

Many businesses are choosing to use rugged tablets, rather than a PC or laptop. Obviously, their durable exterior and the fast-processing system makes it an obvious choice for many companies. However, one worry that many have is that they won’t be able to use their beloved Windows system on their rugged tablet. Did you know that the majority of rugged … Read More

Why Go Rugged? The Benefits of Rugged Tablets

You’ve more than likely heard of rugged tablets, with everybody stating to you that you need one for your business. However, you might not know of all the benefits of a rugged tablet – especially considering it goes way beyond its stereotype of being just a “protective case.” We’ve decided to list all the benefits into one easy list – … Read More

Streamlining POS Systems with Rugged Tablets

If you enter any hospitality or retail business, you’ll more than likely see the workers using tablet point of sale (POS) as they see to their customers. This trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down either; Juniper Research stated that mobile POS is expected to account for penultimately a third of all point of sale terminals by 2021. However, while … Read More

Using Consumer Tablets Vs. Rugged Tablets in Your Warehouse Operations


Businesses are spoilt for choice now, due to advances in technology that have allowed them to really advance their practices. Now, companies can interpret, receive, and distribute information. With businesses facing an increased level of competitiveness, companies have to think of new ways to be productive and face their competitors. Mobile devices, such as tablets, have become more widespread in … Read More

10 Benefits of Rugged Tablets


While researching into rugged devices, you’ll be bombarded with industry jargon and specifications. While this information is essential when shopping for your next technology device, it’s also necessary to know all the benefits.   While every business is different, there are universal benefits that are appealing to all types of industries. Below we’ve listed the top ten benefits of choosing … Read More