The Uses of Rugged Tablets in the Health Sector

Rugged tablets have entered the healthcare industry and completely revolutionised the industry. In fact, the healthcare industry has perhaps benefited the most from rugged tablets. They have not only made entire processes more accessible, but they have, in some cases, saved lives.

Mobile devices and those that can be updated easily are necessary for the healthcare industry. As advances are made every day, healthcare staff needs a device that evolves with them.

While technology, in general, has many uses in the healthcare industry, below, we have listed some of the uses of rugged tablets in the healthcare industry.

What are rugged tablets?

Rugged tablets are defined as a computer or tablets that are specifically designed to operate in harsh or extreme environments. For instance, areas that have extreme temperatures, vibrations, or chances of flooding. However, rugged tablets are much more than this.

For the healthcare industry, they are not only durable, but they possess stronger hardware, have more software capabilities, and can operate in much more difficult situations.

It is no surprise as to why rugged tablets are commonplace in the healthcare sector. Regardless of the profession or specific organisation – they have helped to ensure every process runs more smoothly.

With that in mind, here are some of the uses and benefits of using rugged tablets in the health sector.

1. They withstand more physically

Obviously, rugged tablets are known for withstanding much more on a physical level. We understand, the health industry might not be known for its tumultuous conditions – but it is not the easiest industry to carry a device around.

In hospitals, everything is exceptionally fast-paced – shocks and drops are inevitable, and many rugged tablets will be able to withstand this.

As for health warehouses – regardless of the temperature, vibrations, or dust. Rugged tablets will survive it all.

On a related note, rugged tablets also boast much more impressive battery life than consumer tablets. Therefore, you can rest assured that they will consistently work for you, especially when you need them the most.

2. Software

One of the main advantages of rugged tablets is absolutely the software available. For instance, software for glucose meters, radiological images, and infusion pumps are just a few examples of the fantastic possibilities that rugged tablets offer.

Many other devices, particularly rugged devices, cannot process these or store them. These application-specific capabilities perhaps make them most beneficial for health companies.

It is essential for health industries to have only the best software. This ensures that your devices will continue to work for you and provide you with only the best.

3. Mobile imaging

The use of rugged tablets in hospitals, doctors offices, and various other medical facilities has revolutionised the entire job.

Medical staff now have access to copies of medical images, like x-rays and ultrasounds at the click of a button. It is this type of technology that provides much quicker access to images, which in some cases can reduce treatment time.

For instance, two images can now be compared side by side instantly – which helps to diagnose problems and gives medical staff instant information regarding treatments.

Some rugged tablets even allow medical professionals to connect the device to an ultrasound probe. Again, this speeds up the ultrasound process and helps speed up treatment.

This is not only beneficial to the medical staff, but also the patients.

4. Medical documentation

If you ask and professional in the health industry how rugged tablets have benefited them, they will more than likely rave about how much they have helped with medical documentation.

Rugged tablets have entirely eliminated the need for hand-written patient records, which in some cases has saved lives. The improved accuracy, fantastic organisation, and consistency has proven to be completely revolutionary.

For the patient, this also means that medical information is always up to date and can be accessed quickly. Again, enabling quicker treatment and faster recovery. It is one of the main advantages of using rugged tablets in the healthcare field.

5.Patient education

It is absolutely vital that patients know precisely what is happening with their body. Whether it is regarding the type of medication, they are on, or the treatment that they need – this is also necessary for recovery.

Tablets make education patients much more relaxed and straightforward. Medical staff can now use videos, animations, pictures, and diagrams to provide patients with all the information that they could need about their illness or injury.

Patient education is one of the best and kindest ways to give patients access to information. It allows them to understand what exactly is happening and gives them a perfect chance to ask questions or voice any concerns.

The health industry’s focus on the patient is admirable, and patient education through tablets makes the entire process easier. It also ensures that there is no ambiguity, and recovery is quicker than before.

6.Practice management

As you may already know, excellent management is crucial in the health industry. Not only does it ensure that everything runs smoothly, but it guarantees successful treatments and fast appointments.

Rugged tablets have made aspects like in-house scheduling and planning a breeze. For instance, planning meeting and staff scheduling can be done on the go, wit no need to access any computer system.

Obviously, this is one of the most convenient and beneficial uses of rugged tablets in the industry. Every single department will benefit from this.

Medical billing; a once time-consuming aspect of the job, is also much more streamlined, quick, and accurate.

7. Medication orders

Once medical professional views their patient record, they are no able to see their current medications, as well as any allergies. This was not always available in the past – and had detrimental consequences.

For example, in emergency cases, if the medications given reacted with the patient’s current medications, the outcome could be terrible. Now, with instant updates, it is very rare that any mistakes or accidents happen.

Tablets also have significantly reduced errors that are found in hand-written orders. Again, this was once a big problem when it came to medication orders.

8. Security

From the above, you can see that security is so essential in the health industry. Not only does it have sensitive information about patients, if hacked, but it could also prove fatal. It’s arguably one of, if not the, most important industries to have top security.

Devices and pieces of technology in the health sector need to adhere to specific regulations. Many consumer-grade devices do not have the same level of security that rugged tablets do. For the most part, rugged tablets are special mini-computers that have all the security and software that larger computers have.

Not only is this better for patients, but it also gives a sense of security for medical staff.

9. Special features

Rugged tablets also come with amazing special features that other consumer tablets do not have. For instance, rugged tablets can often come with a feature that enables gloves to be used with them. Obviously, in the healthcare industry, gloves are often worn.

Individual applications can also be installed. For example, there are audio apps that help with detecting conditions such as an irregular heartbeat.

It’s these unique features that are only really available on particular devices, that make them stand out from the crowd. It’s made difficult tasks in the healthcare profession much more straightforward, which ultimately benefits the patient.

One of the most impressive special features is that rugged tablets can have antibacterial coatings – which help prevent the growth of germs.

10. Scheduling and communication

While we mentioned this briefly earlier, rugged tablets provide colleagues with the easiest way to stay in contact. If there’s an emergency or a change of plans, every member of staff immediately knows, with no confusion of problem.

With tablets that are on a shared network, employees will always know where they are supposed to be, and who is scheduled to do what at any time.

They can also provide any updates on a patient instantly and privately. This is another important use.

11. Inventory management

It’s a lesser talked aspect of the health industry – but one that is crucial, and absolutely saves lives. Rugged tablets can be used to keep track of stock and equipment in the healthcare facility.

Having instant access to what medicine is available is crucial, especially if hospitals or doctors need to reorder prescriptions. This helps to ensure that every facility has everything they could possibly need.

However, in the case that a specific medication isn’t available – they could prescribe a similar option that they know is in stock, without any delay. Again, this is incredibly beneficial to the patient.

As you can see, health care tablet solutions aren’t only ensuring everything runs smoothly, but they are saving lives.

When you incorporate rugged tablets into the healthcare facilities, patients benefit, and professionals enjoy a smooth, and easy process. They are a great asset in the healthcare industry, which is incomparable.

With a mixture of functionality and convenience, they are unquestionably revolutionising the healthcare industry.

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