The Uses of Rugged tablets in Manufacturing Industry

Though a general term, manufacturing can benefit from rugged tablets – regardless of the niche. Manufacturing can entail creating materials or using materials to craft a product. These finished good are then sold off to consumers.

For this reason, manufacturing is an essential part of our lives. With the world growing, and e-commerce upping demand – it’s vital that manufacturing businesses modernize and streamline their processes.

To keep workers productive, parts organized, and processes simple, businesses benefit greatly from a rugged tablet. With workers equipped with a device like this, tasks can be completed faster, and inventory can be managed easier.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways that rugged tablets can prove beneficial to manufacturing companies.

1. Quality control

Obviously, quality control is a significant aspect of manufacturing, especially in companies involving food and beauty products.

Rugged tablets have the ability to include applications and extensions, that all adhere to certain regulations. They’ll also monitor and track any standards, and even have ways to ensure that the quality is met.

You can even design your rugged tablet to be used with gloves on. This is a simple yet effective feature that benefits multiple companies. If your quality control regulations require gloves to be worn at all times, this is the perfect way to ensure workers can manage stock, without any problems.

Rugged tablets have one advantage over consumer-grade tablets – they have been designed with enterprises in mind. This enables them to provide features and applications that have companies, like those in the manufacturing industry, in mind.

2. Durability

Rugged tablets possess incredible strength, which is exceptionally beneficial to manufacturing companies.

Many of the areas in the industry have extreme vibrations and temperatures. Not only this, but they can also be subject to a great deal of dust.

Many consumer-grade tablets are not built to withstand these types of environments, which is why rugged tablets are a perfect choice.

Not only are the built to withstand dust and water, but they’re built in a way that protects them from all vibrations, shocks, and drops.

While protective cases may protect the exterior of certain consumer tablets, they do not possess the same level of protection which they require. Externally, they may appear to be undamaged, but internally they will become more and more damaged.

Rugged tablets have been designed both internally and externally to be able to withstand any harsh conditions. Ultimately, this means that the device will not become slower or less efficient as time goes on.

3. 3D camera technology

One of the most recent pieces of technology, which benefits the manufacturing process immensely is 3D imaging.

In the past, this type of technology was only available on PCs, to a limited number of workers. Now with the incorporation of rugged tablets, any worker can access this feature; helping with their work,

Of course, this ties in with quality control – dimensions, graphics, and shapes are all easily accessed. Rugged tablets will also speed up the entire process by allowing workers to check their designs and compare their product.

3D imaging is an application that can be added to rugged tablets. As rugged tablets are compatible with the majority of other systems, these designs and pictures can also be accessed on other devices.

4. Applications

On the topic of apps, rugged tablets can be fitted with a range of useful, innovative applications which makes the manufacturing process incredibly simple.

For instance, applications that focus on quality assurance, maintenance, and inventory management are all available. These apps help streamline the company and save time in areas that are notoriously time-consuming.

Other applications can revolve around staff, too. These can include attendance and time tracking, which easily helps manage large teams. As manufacturing is such a vast, fast-paced industry, new ways to manage workers is always welcomed.

Other applications include ones that help with shipping, volume dimensioning, invoicing, and shop floor data collection. Depending on your company and your specific needs, there will be an app to help you with particular tasks.

While consumer-grade tablets may be able to perform certain tasks, they might not be able to withstand a large number of applications or functions. This can cause them to run slow or “crash” at critical times.

5. Systems

Consumer-grade tablets, as we mentioned, have not been designed with businesses in mind. They’re created for an individual consumer, that may need it for leisure-type activities.

For this reason, they do not possess the same capabilities that rugged tablets have. This means that a large amount of work, data, and usage will make the device unusable.

Rugged devices come with incredible core processing power, allowing you to gain access to data, work, and applications quickly and efficiently.

Rugged tablets also boast an impressive battery, which will last the entire shift – minimising employee downtime.

6. Accessories

To make rugged tablets more accessible and useful, to every type of worker – accessories are available.

Depending on the role and need, these accessories can vary from keyboards to mounts for forklifts. Regardless of what Is required, there will be an accessory or application that will prove useful. Different roles will use rugged tablets for different requirements, and manufacturers of rugged tablets appreciate and accommodate to this.

Perhaps one of the most important accessories for manufacturers is barcode scanning. This increases quality and helps companies to track inventory. It’s a crucial part of manufacturing, which can be made more streamlined through a rugged tablet – especially with instant data collecting.

7. Mobility

Another feature that makes rugged tablets desirable, especially in manufacturing is the mobility that they offer.

Large laptops might possess similar processing capabilities, but they’re difficult to move around with, and can often be obstructive.

Rugged tablets are lightweight, stay out of the way and are easy to carry around. This proves incredibly useful to manufacturers.

It’s a fast-moving, high-powered industry, that requires devices that are easy to move around with, that will still be able to complete certain tasks.

Hand straps are also available, for workers that are always moving and working on rugged tablets. Again, proving that rugged devices have been designed with businesses and manufacturers in mind.

8. Communication

Many manufacturing companies struggle to communicate, not only with fellow workers – but with businesses and customers further down the sales journey.

Rugged tablets are able to connect with WIFI, 3G, and 4G, which makes communication seamless. They also have Bluetooth technology, instant messaging and call applications, and real-time updates.

Being able to communicate and stay up to date on orders, in this unique way, helps in multiple ways. Workers stay focused and updated, and customers have a positive experience.

9. Data accuracy

Rugged tablets also prove to be invaluable for manufacturers when they are collecting and inputting data.

There are applications that collect signatures, readers, and barcode scanners. All of which improve the accuracy of the data which has been received, making the entire process more streamlined.

Rugged tablets, combined with innovative applications, make human error virtually impossible. For this reason, the need for paper is eliminated, and accumulating data and information is a quick, easy, and accurate process. They also possess unmatched memory and processing power, ensuring that data is always accessible.

With this data, security and safety measures can also be taken, which ensures that everything is protected.

10. Reduce expenditure

Rugged devices provide companies with cost-effective ways to give their teams all the right tools. With everything available at the click of the finger, employees can work much more efficiently and seamlessly.

Rugged tablets can also be used to help new employees learn the trade. Training costs and downtime costs decrease by tenfold with these devices.

Rugged tablets are also less likely to break to become unusable after long periods of time. This eliminates the cost of replacement and keeps motivation and morale high.

11. Reliability

Rugged devices are, first and foremost, reliable devices. They’re unlikely to break, possess high processing powers, and are compatible with the majority of other systems.

They have proven to be priceless additions to manufacturing teams, and remain reliable and helpful for years.

With the versatility of these devices, workers can rely on innovative rugged devices to aid them with any task. With this level of security, workers will remain confident and productive.

12. Cameras

The majority of rugged tablets possess both a rear-facing and a front-facing camera. These help with the design process, communication, and expenditure.

Cameras prove incredibly useful in many ways. For example, if your company receives a damaged product, they can take photos and get instant returns. They can also be used for remote meetings, and when comparing products to designs.

Instant uploads and photo sharing also cameras all the more useful to large teams, and remote workers.

Rugged tablets have made their way into the manufacturing industry, and have completely revolutionised how manufacturers work. Many could not imagine their day without their rugged device – which can help from in every stage, in any situation.

The innovative pieces of technology help companies to stay competitive and manage their workflow more efficiently.

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