The Uses of Rugged Tablets in Different Industries


Rugged tablets are taking over multiple industries. When implemented into work, they can completely revolutionise how productive and motivated your team is.

However, when considering the benefits of a rugged tablet, it can be difficult to imagine them in your specific industry. For example, the retail sector has extremely different requirements for the construction industry.

We’ve dived into every industry, to discover how a rugged tablet can help everyone – and why this investment should be welcomed with open arms.

  1. Agriculture and farming

Many farms and agriculture companies have been forced to incorporate technology into their company. Rugged tablets are the best way to jump on the technology wagon, enabling both the farmers and the managers to do more in less time.

Firstly, rugged tablets protect against dirt and water – something incredibly crucial with farming and agriculture. Being able to operate in all weather conditions is also a massive plus in this industry – as everybody will know, weather is unpredictable.

Rugged tablets in this industry help to increase productivity and efficiency. Ultimately, this helps with improving service levels and customer satisfaction.

Rugged tablets give workers real-time access to data, even while they are on the land. The problem of duplicate work is basically eliminated, and accuracy is increased. Another great benefit of rugged tablets in the farming industry is the camera. Workers can now capture images of any damaged items, which can help speed up repairs and resolutions.

Certain apps available for the farming and agriculture industry will also revolutionise the industry. For instance, soil sampling, mapping, feed management, and yield monitoring can all be done with the touch of a screen.

2. Energy

In the energy industry think oil gas and mining, rugged tablets are arguably the only device that will survive the extreme conditions. It’s an industry known for its rough environments, and the implementation of technology has been scarce.

Rugged tablets have helped to solve these issues.

Rugged tablets can withstand vibrations and drops, as well as extreme weather conditions, and exposure to dirt and water. Other mobile devices cannot boast these same qualities.

In the oil and gas industry, rugged tablet help with managing customers, capacity, and regulatory requirements. In an industry where productivity can be affected by various challenges, rugged tablets help to streamline the process and maximise resources.

With mining, the industry has an uncertain future – which can be terrifying for those in the profession. However, rugged tablets offer a meaningful solution to budget cuts (as they ultimately save money) and optimising the resources that miners have. It’s also the perfect device for those entering the dirty, hot conditions.

Chemical – Again, rugged devices are still the perfect tool for workers in this industry. They help with monitoring operations and improve overall productivity. A valuable feature, of course, is that the screen can still be used with gloves on – a functional benefit that will serve workers well.

Applications such as dispatch, industrial equipment maintenance, and resource optimisation are widely used in the energy industry.

3. Food and beverage distribution

Rugged tablets have proven to be beneficial in the food and beverage industry. As a supply chain, you’ll very much be aware of how important it is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your team. In such a competitive industry, you must use the latest and most efficient pieces of technology.

Rugged tablets are especially useful with delivery aspects of the food and beverage industry. Excellent, efficient delivery reflects amazingly onto the store – helping you build a strong reputation, and improve your customer service.

Rugged tablets can also benefit your company in regards to cost. With lowe inventory costs and an improvement of overall operations, rugged tablets have become a staple addition to the food and beverage industry.

One of the most useful functions of a rugged tablet is their ability to track inventory and delivery. Sometimes, it’s absolutely essential that specific shipments arrive on time – especially in the food and drink industry. With time being such a critical factor, efficiency in the distribution process is absolutely essential. Mobile devices streamline the entire process, ensuring that you meet customer needs.  

Applications revolving around areas such as merchandising, distribution, presales, and delivery will all help ultimately elevate the company.

4. Construction

One of the primary industry that benefits from rugged tablets are the construction industry. Rugged tablets can be specifically designed for both on footwork, and in-vehicle. Making the perfect for any type of weather or usage. We’d confidently say that construction workers are happy to see the end of pens and paper.

As rugged tablets are so versatile, they can integrate perfectly into every aspect of a construction company. From request making, all the way to planning the infrastructure. They’ve become a staple piece of equipment for many in the construction industry.

The main benefits vary from the role of the worker to the type of sector. For instance, they can play a vital role in collaborating with investors and managers, and they can benefit significantly with floor planning and workforce productivity. We’ll confidently say that every construction worker can utilise a rugged tablet for their specific line of work.

2D model and blueprint view applications make planning and solving problems a seamless process. Likewise, project management applications ensure that the team is managed and run efficiently.

Of course, the robust exterior and interior of a rugged device are also perfect for construction sites. Often, there is a great deal of vibration, dirt, and bad weather. Rugged devices are protected against these adversities.

5. Retail supply chain

Although not necessarily considered a dangerous line of work, rugged devices are still the best option for a retail store. Where customer service plays such a vital role, you need to ensure that you have a fast, efficient, and reliable piece of technology to guide you through.

With mobile devices, you have instant access to information regarding stock and prices. Rugged devices especially prove to be useful; they can have barcode and RFID scanners, as well as unmatched processing speed.

Durability is still very much appreciated in retail. For waiting jobs, it’s very easy to drop or spill on your device – rugged devices will survive any accidents that may occur. In short, rugged devices enable organisation and flexibility to be at the forefront of your customer service, with no worry of breakages or failure.

Retail stores can also integrate their POS system with their rugged device, giving workers the flexibility to serve customers on their feet. Additionally, rugged devices generally have much better battery lives than consumer devices, this ensures that it will last the entire shift. Again, helping enhance customer service.

6. Warehousing

Warehouses and their workers are the backbones of multiple industries. However, many technology-based devices cannot withstand both the environment and the complex need.

Warehouses require powerful and complex systems, that both track stock, and delivery – many consumer-grade tablets cannot process fast or powerfully enough for this.

Now, with internet shopping, warehouses are pressurised to extremes. There are tighter margins, and increasing demands and rugged tablets are the best solutions for maximum productivity, and management of products.

Warehouse workers and managers alike can benefit significantly from a rugged device. Shop floor collection, shipping and receiving, and quality assurance can all be achieved with your handheld device.

7. Law enforcement

Technology has also taken over law enforcement. Obviously, as an industry, they need powerful, reliable, and rugged computing systems to reach all expectations. Regardless of whether they are on patrol or in the office.

Rugged tablets offer unrivalled power, functionality, and connectivity compared to consumer-grade tablets. They’re lightweight and mobile – enabling officers to complete shifts with them by their side. They also boast unrivalled processing power – perfect for the abundance of information and data required.

Rugged tablets have given officers access to crucial information, quickly and efficiently, when they need it the most.

The top benefits of rugged tablets for law enforcement are flexibility and connectivity. While officers are on the road, they can instantly access criminal records, wirelessly transfer evidence, and have real-time access to various databases. As with all mobile devices, this eliminates any errors of a chance of duplication of work. The compact design makes it easier to carry around, while the ruggedisation enables it to stay safe, regardless of the situation.

There are specific applications that prove to highly beneficial for law enforcement. For instance, there are apps for ticketing, field interviews, and investigations. There are also amazing functions for security and crowd control, emergency responses, and centre operations.

As rugged devices are compatible with various systems (such as Windows and IOS), law enforcement can access documents and databases, regardless of where they are.

8. The health industry

Rugged tablets entered the health industry, and completely revolutionised services and added value to the field. By eliminating the need for hand-entered data, rugged tablets have, in some cases, proven to be lifesaving. By saving money, energy and time, tablets are incomparable for the healthcare industry.

One of the most notable ways that rugged tablets have transformed healthcare is with mobile imaging. Medical staff now have quicker access to images from ultrasounds and x-rays – allowing for optimal service, and appropriate treatments.

As everyone in the healthcare industry will know, medical documentation is a big part of the job. Rugged tablets offer the biggest advantage in this area. Not only is the accuracy of patient data increased, but systems also remain organized and consistent. This proves to be extremely beneficial to patients who receive treatment from various healthcare facilities.

 The process of ordering medication has also been optimised. Rugged tablets provide medical professionals with an instant view of all the medications a patient is currently on, as well as any allergies they may have.

 Obviously, the fact that rugged tablets are durable can be used with gloves on, large, and have 4g capability makes them the perfect gadget for everybody in the healthcare profession.

These are just a handful of benefits of rugged devices for various industries. Every single type of line of work could benefit from a rugged, powerful tablet – enabling workers to be their most productive, and customers to have the very the best experience.

With the world turning more technology-based, industries have to adapt. Rugged tablets are the most seamless way to do this.

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