Custom Rugged Tablets for Retail Supply Chain

Why you need custom rugged tablets for the retail supply chain? The main objective of a retail supply chain is that productivity is high. This means that every product should flow from the manufacturer to the distributor, all the way to the stock room. It’s absolutely essential that the entire process runs smoothly, for the consumer and your business. In … Read More

Rugged Tablets For Food and Distribution

Large scale food and beverage distributors benefit greatly from rugged tablets. In fact, they have entirely revolutionised many business models in this industry. These advanced rugged tablets are used at every single stage of the food and distribution service – benefiting everybody from warehouse workers, all the way to waiting staff. The food and beverage industry thrives when their efficiency, … Read More

The Uses of Rugged tablets in Manufacturing Industry

Though a general term, manufacturing can benefit from rugged tablets – regardless of the niche. Manufacturing can entail creating materials or using materials to craft a product. These finished good are then sold off to consumers. For this reason, manufacturing is an essential part of our lives. With the world growing, and e-commerce upping demand – it’s vital that manufacturing … Read More

The Benefits of Rugged Tablets For Field Services

One industry that relies heavily on rugged tablet devices is field service organisations. Rugged tablets can withstand any type of environment and perform much better than consumer-grade tablets. Below, we’ve listed all the benefits of rugged tablets for field services, and just what markets they ultimately benefit. If you’re considering using rugged tablets for your company, below are the reasons … Read More

Industrial Rugged Tablets for Agriculture & Farming

One of the industries that benefit the most from rugged tablets has to be agriculture and farming. In fact, they have proven to be one of the most potent tools for farming and agriculture. With the design properties and endless applications – these devices are becoming more and more prominent in this particular industry. Below, we’ve listed all the benefits … Read More