Rugged Tablets For Food and Distribution

Large scale food and beverage distributors benefit greatly from rugged tablets. In fact, they have entirely revolutionised many business models in this industry.

These advanced rugged tablets are used at every single stage of the food and distribution service – benefiting everybody from warehouse workers, all the way to waiting staff.

The food and beverage industry thrives when their efficiency, speed, and effective technology – which makes rugged tablets paramount to their success.

Below, we’ve listed all the significant ways that rugged tablets help benefit the food and distribution services, and the advantages they have over other devices.

The different markets

Before we dive into the benefits and advantages, it’s crucial to clarify all the various markets that benefit from a rugged device. Many sectors in food and distribution benefit from rugged tablets, whether it’s from the very beginning of the cycle to the very end.

The markets that should consider introducing rugged tablets include, but are not limited to:

Dairy – Especially considering speed is crucial in this market

Water – With demand and regulations increasing day by day, it’s essential to have reliable technology on hand.

Alcohol – With beer, spirits, and wine, you need technology that ensures accurate data, and the benefit of unique applications.

Snack foods – These industries have tight profit margins, and rugged devices are cost-effective ways to ensure accuracy and speed.

Hospitality – Restaurants, cafes, and bars also benefit from rugged devices.

Soft drinks and energy drinks – With such a fast-changing company, you need a device that will give you real-time updates.

If you fall into one of these markets or are loosely connected in some way – rugged tablets will be the perfect addition to your company. Here’s exactly why.

1. Barcode scanning

This is arguably one of the best ways that the food industry benefits from a mobile device – the barcode scanners.

Most food parcels require a barcode scanner of some sort, to provide the workers with vital information. With products going in an out of warehouses every day, you must have a reliable and fast device, to help you with barcode scanning – this will help companies to not only receive parcels but deliver them.

Rugged tablets come with a built-in barcode scanner. This allows workers to catch any products that have been damaged or passed their best before/use-by date, as well as being utilised for inventory purposes.

With this level of efficiency and speed, it enables invoices and payments to be available quicker. It’s an all-around fantastic piece of technology for the industry.

2. Credit card readers

Jumping to the complete opposite end, rugged tablets also prove to be beneficial to those making sales. Whether this is to restaurants, produce stores, or direct customers. Rugged tablets give customers and clients a quick, easy way to make payments – with credit card readers.

This eliminates any problems with payments, which speeds up the entire process, and helps businesses.

Rugged tablets also provide real-time updates. This will update your system when a payment is made, increasing accuracy and updating centralised databases.

Accurate data and minimising errors are such profound factors in the food and distribution service, which has only made the need for rugged devices all the more critical.

3. Durability

Of course, we have to mention that rugged devices boast durability than consumer devices, simply do not have.

Whilst it may be true that some mainstream devices will offer certain features, they don’t have the same level of construction as rugged devices. Ultimately, making them less reliable and more prone to breakages.

Rugged devices are built to withstand shocks, drops, and extreme conditions – perfect for delivery drivers and warehouse drivers. They’re also waterproof, which again benefits any workers that have to deal with extreme environments.

Though protective cases on a consumer-grade device might seem like the perfect alternative -it still doesn’t protect completely. Rugged device’s internal hardware is designed to withstand any shocks, drops, and water-based substances.

Consumer-grade tablets may look fine externally, with a case on, but internally their hardware and processing are being damaged.

Durability is such a crucial point – and will save you money in the long-run. Rugged devices may cost more upfront initially, but with fewer repairs, downtime, and replacements, they’re an investment piece.

4. Battery life

Another more powerful and impressive side to a rugged tablet has to be the battery life. Rugged devices boast battery lives, that are entirely incomparable – lasting long shifts, and long drives. This ensures that they’ll always be working when you need them, enabling real-time updates to be achieved.

Battery life is also a big issue for mobile devices, and rugged tablets take this into consideration. In short, rugged devices have been built with enterprises in mind, rather than individual customers.

5. Additional features

Depending on the market that you’re in, rugged tablets also come with other elements that may prove to be useful.

For instance, many rugged tablets are usable even with gloves on. In the food industry, it’s often crucial that you handle products with gloves on. This accessibility feature makes the workload more manageable and improves efficiency and speed.

There is an abundance of applications and features for rugged tablets, that will benefit your specific company. From long-range Bluetooth features, all the way to compliance necessities.

6. Delivery

Food and distribution industries rely a lot upon around deliveries. Rugged tables prove to be the perfect companion for delivery drivers for multiple reasons.

To begin, the double as a GPS – this reduces fuel costs and makes sure that products arrive on time. In addition to this, rugged tablets also have tracking benefits. This gives customers and clients a chance to follow where their parcel is, giving them accurate real-time information on delivery. It’s this level of accuracy that provides unparalleled customer service to customers and clients.

Once the delivery reaches the destination, rugged devices can also double as a signature panel. Reducing the need for paper and providing databases with instant updates.

Obviously, the rugged design of these devices also proves exceptionally beneficial to delivery drivers.

7. Processing power

Rugged tablets boast a much better processing power than many consumer-grade tablets. By combining the most powerful computing technologies, with durability – you have a device that seems to have been made for this specific industry.

With the level of data and updates in the food and distribution service, you must have a device that can withstand it all. Not only will it keep up with your demands, but it will prove to be reliable too.

8. Camera

The camera is also a great addition to rugged devices – giving you a chance to take photos of any damaged or spoiled goods. This makes the return and refund process much more streamlined and useful.

A camera can also be used as proof of delivery and purchase. It’s a great addition to have, that benefits delivery drivers as well as warehouse workers.

9. Connectivity for communication

One of the most essential parts of delivering and merchandising is communication. Without an adequate form of communication, you risk making errors and duplicating individual bits of data. In delivery, without communication – trips can go wrong, and expectations may not be met.

Many rugged devices also double as a great form of communication. With WLAN and WWAN connectivity, you can communicate with colleagues, customers, and managers in real-time. Instant communication is so important.

Rugged devices are a reliable, fast, and high-powered communication device. Many also have 4G connectivity options, which ensures that you can communicate wherever you are.

Obviously, this addition will also help you be more responsive to customer’s needs.

10. Accessories

Rugged devices also come with a variety of accessories, that will ultimately make every single job much more comfortable.

Accessories are unique for every single industry and can benefit a company in multiple different ways. The best accessories for food and distribution are:

Docking stations – Making charging and reading screens more straightforward and easier.

Truck and car mounts – A necessity for drivers.

Keyboards – For any administration work

Barcode scanner – As mentioned earlier

11. Mobility

Rugged tablets offer an impressive level of movement that laptops cannot provide. With this level of movement, the possibilities and benefits of these amazing devices are also enhanced.

They also still have big screens, which will help with readability – again improving accuracy. This also makes working on them for data purposes much easier, especially when stock tracking.

As they are mobile devices and will be carried around the majority of the time, the rugged properties of these devices become all the more ng important. With drops and shocks being inevitable, you don’t have to worry when accidents do happen.

Overall, rugged devices have proven to completely revolutionise the food and distribution industry. By making errors less likely, and making processes more streamlined and efficient. Rugged tablets will help you achieve deadlines, improve accuracy, build a better brand image, and lower inventory and fuel costs. They’re an essential part of every team.

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