Rugged Tablets for Education Sector

Computers in the education system have been a necessary part for years. They’re a fundamental part of education, helping with learning, organisation, and databases.

So much so, it’s almost hard to believe that only two decades ago, we were using pen and paper to do everything necessary, even our homework.

The education industry has been entirely revolutionised by rugged tablets. It’s easy to say that the sector will never go back to its original ways.

It’s changed, basically, every aspect of the sector. How? Let’s take a look.


Rugged tablets are known for being highly durable, regardless of what you put them through. Schools or colleges might not be considered the most dangerous of places, but they are certainly no stranger to accidents.

If your education market is working with young children, your technology devices will be prone to drops and shocks. In fact, teachers and teenagers are also no exempt from dropping their device – especially when rushing to a lesson.

Rugged devices can withstand any drops and shocks that come their way. They have often been tested with drops of 4ft, and show no damage. They’re also protected internally – something that a protective case fails to consider.

Every time you drop your device, though externally it may look undamaged, internally it will be slowly becoming more and more dilapidated. Rugged devices are designed to be able to withstand traumas, both externally and on the inside.

In classrooms, there are usually bottles of water. Not to mention, in science and art classes, there is a vast amount of water-based solutions flying around. Rugged tablets also protect against water and any water-based products.

They’re also completely fine with dust and extreme temperatures. Which may be relevant to individual lessons or rooms.


The education sector cannot make mistakes when it comes to their database. This can often hold information about a child’s wellbeing, grades, and attendance. It also has information about lessons, curriculum, and teachers.

All your databases must be up to date and show relevant information. Not only that, it’s vital that every single attendance check and new grade is instantly confirmed and featured, across every other device.

Rugged devices will share the same database, giving everybody real-time updates on all the important information.

This is a big deal – and also reduces the risk of human error, or certain discrepancies being made. It also helps keep a child safe, especially with attendance checks.

Educational benefits

Rugged devices have also proven useful with actual lessons. They provide students with a new, unique way to learn.

Games, tests, and videos can all be played on a rugged tablet to help children revise and learn. It offers a new, innovative way to learn, in a digital world.

Having rugged tablets also helps children to prepare for the technological world that we live in. This is an essential learning lesson in the modern world.

They can also be fitted with applications and features which minimises them as a distraction. This means that students can only access certain apps while they are learning.

Processing power

Rugged tablets boast an impressive processing power, which enables them to carry on powering through, even when large amounts of data and documents are stored on them.

This enables teachers, students, and assistances to continue to work and be productive, despite massive amounts of processing needed for their device.

Consumer devices are only designed for one individual – indeed not a whole classroom of students and teachers. These make them unusable when too much information and data is uploaded on to them.


Rugged tablets are also compatible with a series of accessories, which all make them more usable and helpful during lessons, attendance checks, or after-school tasks.

Mounts, hand straps, headphones, and microphones can all be used.

Keyboards can also be attached to rugged devices, making it possible that they can double as PCs – giving teachers and students access to all their records, and their ability to work productively.

Accessories give rugged tablets the reputation of being incredibly versatile and flexible – something that schools need.

The total cost of ownership

A rugged tablet might seem like the more expensive option, upfront. However, the total cost of ownership of a rugged device is much lower than that of a consumer device.

In fact, you save money in the long-term, because they have a much longer lifespan and require considerably fewer repairs.

In a time and sector where the money is a significant consideration, you need to make sure that you’re making the best types of investments – ones that will benefit those learning, and those teaching. Rugged tablets prove to be just that.

Usability and accessibility

Importantly, rugged tablets are also easy to use and can be adapted for specific needs.

Schools will need certain featured on devices, to be accessible for teachers that may have special requirements.

Rugged tablets have a large, easy to read screen – that can also be used with gloves or other items. They also have accessibility features like a voice-over and magnification.

They also have a range of applications and accessories built explicitly for special needs and wheelchairs. This makes them a perfect addition for everybody in school.


Rugged tablets have an ultimate benefit over a pc or laptop – which is their 3g and 4g modules.

This proves especially beneficial, when specific folders, documents, and pieces of data need to be accessed.

Not only are they connected to the internet, but they are connected mobile – anywhere and everywhere.

Power outages and school trips have always posed as a problem for schools, but with this addition, they no longer have to be feared.

They also have Bluetooth availability, which makes sharing documents even more accessible.


With new forms of teaching always being welcomed in the education sector, rugged tablets come at a great time.

Students and teachers are becoming bored with traditional forms of teaching. Not only that, young people now learn and receive information in different ways. Rugged tablets help everybody stay focused, interested, and productive.

They shape lessons in a new way and keep children, teenagers, and adults motivated. That’s the main goal that teachers have in their lessons.

As we mentioned, they prove not to be a distraction – especially when fitted with specific caps which help to keep students off certain apps and games that may stray their attention.

Focus on continuity

For schools and students to stay organised, certain aspects of their system need to be continuous. This includes the systems and programs that they use.

Consumer tablets have new updates and models every single year. It can be hard to keep to one type of system or program, which can actually confuse certain people – and lose data and documents. This type of change can also cause downtime, which isn’t desirable when people are trying to learn.

Rugged tablets have a focus on longevity – for their systems too. This means that systems will prove to be reliable – ensuring you don’t lose any important details or are faced with a completely new interface.

If there are any updates, support is always offered, too.


Rugged tablets can be personalised to fit individual learning styles and lessons. They can also be customised for your specific school or college.

This means, applications, databases, and systems will all be relevant to you and your requirements. This is a really incredible benefit to choosing rugged devices, as it means you have a device that has been created to help those around you learn, and achieve the very best.


Rugged devices also give students and teachers a more natural way to communicate and ask for help.

With their mobile and connectivity features, students can send work, questions, or homework with the click of a button.

Likewise, teachers can send over grades and answers just as quickly. This added level of communication helps massively.

In the past, it could be a lengthy process trying to receive work, grades, and help from a teacher. With new technology, it’s incredibly easy.


With such sensitive and private details in a school, it’s vital that every device is secure and not susceptible to hackers.

This is precisely what rugged devices offer – every single database and essential pieces of information are heavily secure. Often, they can be fitted with various features to reduce the ability to access them substantially. This means only specific people will be able to read and access important information.

Also, it reduces the risk of information being lost if anything was to happen in the school. It’s all on a database that can, if needed to, be accessed away from the school. This means, grades, information, and pupil profiles are safe.


Rugged tablet devices also have an incredible battery. This ensures that they last the entire lesson, and no work will be lost.

Consumer devices do not have the same battery capacity, which makes them virtually unusable for long school days.

Overall, the benefits of rugged tablets for the education sector is awe-inspiring. They help everybody, or any age, and reach any requirement.

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