Industrial Rugged Tablets for Agriculture & Farming

One of the industries that benefit the most from rugged tablets has to be agriculture and farming. In fact, they have proven to be one of the most potent tools for farming and agriculture. With the design properties and endless applications – these devices are becoming more and more prominent in this particular industry.

Below, we’ve listed all the benefits of rugged tablets for the farming industry, and specific ways that they can ultimately enhance the work.

Why farming and agriculture needs rugged tablets

Believe it or not, this industry commonly introduces state of the art machinery and tools. In many ways, agriculture is a world leader for modern technology – which comes as a surprise to many. With engineered crops and innovative machines, farming always needs new ways to improve and enhance their tech.

Regardless of whether you’re in the crop or animal market – rugged tablets benefit these companies. It is useful for any type of role, from those on the field to those in storage places. The benefits span throughout.

Rugged devices have become a necessity for many farming companies, that rely on reliable, durable, and high-functioning pieces of technology.

Waterproof qualities

When you think about rugged tablets, your mind may jump to their waterproof qualities. However, unlike with protective cases, rugged tablets also protect from water-based solutions – mud, for example.

Obviously, in an industry like farming, this is extremely important. Not only will tablets be subject to heavy downfall, but they may just find themselves in bodies of water, or mud. It’s exceptionally likely, and planning for this happening is vital.

The majority of rugged devices are completely protected against water and any water-based solutions. To measure just how waterproof your rugged device will be – you need to take a look at the IP rating.

An IP rating of IP68 is the most water and dustproof tablet you’ll find on the market. In comparison, an IP54 has a level of protection, but may not be suitable for your needs. Again, this is subjective and will require research into.

Dustproof qualities

On the point of IP ratings, dust also comes into play. Rugged tablets will protect against dust – which other devices are subject to.

Agriculture and farms have an unmatched amount of dust, especially in barns or warehouse type of locations. Especially if you’re working with hay or other types of ingredients.

For this reason, a tablet that can withstand even the dustiest types of situations is desirable for people in these types of roles.

Photo and video

Aside from being rugged, tablets are a great addition to your industry. As they are a mobile device, farmers, workers, and production managers can take them anywhere that they want. It’s this flexibility that makes them so useful and desirable for the majority of people.

With this enhanced mobility, photos and videos are much more accessible. This can be incredibly useful for those managing livestock or updating other workers on machinery.

It’s also great for monitoring specific aspects of farming life. For example, the prevalence of weeds in particular areas and patterns of water pooling.

In the past, these tasks were incredibly tricky – rugged tablets have not only made this more manageable, but they’re reliable devices to have onboard with you.

GPS and mapping

The farming and agriculture industries rely on mapping and GPS tracking – these two aspects have revolutionised the industry significantly.

GPS for delivery, connecting, and new business opportunities are so significant. A rugged tablet is also perfect for those travelling in tractors, courtesy of their durable qualities.

Linking it to photo and videos, mapping also involves GPS and location tracking is necessary for crop management and helps farmers and workers to communicate with each other effectively.

The main benefit of this is helping to keep teams productive and motivated. There’s no animosity or confusion, with the help from rugged tablets.

GPS and tracking also help deliver fantastic customer service and improve relationships with potential clients. It’s an added piece of convenience that benefits everybody involved; this, combined with the reliability of a rugged tablet, makes every task much more streamlined.

Data collecting

Rugged tablets and mobile devices, in general, are also fantastic at collecting data – regardless of the location.

For harvest data, a rugged tablet will instantly integrate essential data from a harvest. For example, the yield of hybrid crops vs. the effectiveness of any new fertilizers that you’re using. After inputting all data, on the spot, your rugged tablet will then allow multiple people to collaborate with this specific data. Obviously, this eliminates the chance of critical data being lost in translation.

Collecting and sharing data is made so much easier, with help from rugged tablets. Their durability and reliability also make them easy to trust and eliminates any downtime you may have from repairing or replacing consumer-grade tablets.


We’re all prone to dropping our tablets or phones, however when you’re in an industry like agriculture, the chances of this happening increases rapidly.

With fast-moving machinery, temperamental animals, and uneven terrain – you need a device that can withstand shocks and drops, on a regular basis. This is why rugged tablets are your best option.

Rugged tablets are able to withstand drops, even from as high as 4ft. They’re also completely fine with vibrations and other types of shocks. While vases may promise to offer protection from drops, they fail to protect the devices internally. This means, with every drop or shudder, the internal hardware is becoming more and more damaged.

Rugged tablets protect on the inside and outside.

Real-time communication

Some pieces of land will span miles and miles, which makes real-time communication difficult. There are specific applications and features which allow rugged devices to be fitted with walkie-talkie like communication properties.

All in all, this real-time communication allows workers to stay in touch with each other, and point out any issues instantly. This helps with co-ordinating and enabling work to be done efficiently, at all times.

Connectible accessories

We know better than anybody that many that work in the agriculture industry are jacks of all trades. Not only will the analyse data on the field, but they’ll then proceed to do administrative work in their office.

Obviously, you may not want to have a different device for every task – which is why certain accessories are perfect for your rugged tablet.

For instance, a connectible keyboard or POS features are available. This makes everybody’s jobs much easier and keeps every bit of data in one place.

No glare features

As many farmers are outside for a considerable amount of time, it’s crucial that they can see all their data and information. Rugged tablets very often come with an anti-glare screen, which allows them to see all their data, photos, and messages regardless of the sun beaming down on them.

As rugged tablets are designed with enterprises and specific industries in mind, it is thoughtful features like this that really sets them out from the crowd.

For agricultural workers, this no glare feature has been revolutionary.


Individual applications are also available for rugged tablets, which make every aspect of the job much more comfortable.

For instance, feed management, soil sampling, mapping, and yield monitoring can all be done with the touch of a screen. It goes without saying that this has completely revolutionised the entire industry and makes (once challenging) tasks, easy.

There’s truly an app for everything, even breeding, and veterinary procedures, as well as acreage calculations. Depending on your market and needs, you’ll be able to find a suitable app.

Adapts to the environment

Despite being mobile, the majority of consumer-grade tablets and mobile phones cannot be taken everywhere. For instance, they will not be able to withstand blistering hot summers and freezing cold winters.

As you already know, rugged tablets can withstand heavy downpours of rain, but they can also face other types of dramatic weather.

For example, crop management may require you to take soil samples in weather that is well below zero or checking animals in the middle of a thunderstorm. Rugged devices cannot only withstand this, but they’ll push through exceptionally well – ensuring that you log all your data, and have access to existing data at all times.

Rugged tablets also have a superior battery life, which ensures that you’ll never lose access to essential data on the road, or when you’re out and about.

It’s fair to say that rugged tablets have made specific tasks much more manageable, without any worry of data being lost, or worker downtime.

It can be hard to commit to technology, in an industry that is so temperamental and hazardous – but rugged devices solve this problem. Their durable characteristics and ability to process data make farming and agriculture much less complicated, and much more time-effective.

No doubt, when equipped with the optimum features, rugged tablets can make anything from crop management to dairy farming so much more cost-effective and streamlined.

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