Custom Rugged Tablets for Retail Supply Chain

Why you need custom rugged tablets for the retail supply chain?

The main objective of a retail supply chain is that productivity is high. This means that every product should flow from the manufacturer to the distributor, all the way to the stock room.

It’s absolutely essential that the entire process runs smoothly, for the consumer and your business.

In retail, everything revolves around the customer. You’ll already be very much aware of this. How you connect with the customer, whether or not they return, and if they just browse or they buy.

It’s imperative that you provide positive customer experience, in order for them to not only make a purchase but to come back.

With rugged mobile tablets for retail, you have direct access to information and real-time updates that will continually provide a positive experience. They help you to meet customer demands, lower operating costs and ensure your entire company runs smoothly.

Below, we’ve listed all the benefits of having a ruggedised tablet devices in your retail supply chain.

The different markets

Retail is a vast market – and rugged devices can accommodate to each and every aspect. With the market so wide, you need to make sure that your rugged device is suitable for your specific needs.

Retail has a unique set of challenges, and depending on which industry you work in, these can vary.

The markets include, but are not limited to:

  • Vending
  • Stores
  • Restaurants

Rugged devices can benefit these individual industries in amazing ways. By offering barcode scanners, durability, and real-time updates.

Rugged devices also double as communication devices and even POS devices. They have revolutionised the retail industries in many ways, for various different roles.

Importantly, as rugged devices have a much higher upfront cost, they do prove to have a lower cost of ownership. This is due to the fact that they need fewer repairs and replacements, and prove to be a useful addition for multiple tasks.

For retail stores

Retail stores can vary from fashion, all the way to garden centres. For this reason, rugged devices need to flexible and able to adapt to different needs – which is exactly what they do.

With customer service being of paramount importance, a rugged device can provide staff with an amazing ability to access data and information, anywhere in the store.

For example, if a customer asks for a price on a specific item, with a rugged mobile device – the worker can check instantly. This provides instant, useful help to the customer.

With this level of service, word of mouth marketing and reoccurring customers are almost promised.

Rugged devices also allow staff to keep up with consumer knowledge. For example, competitor prices (mainly for sales), and how they are purchasing their products. All in all, they prove a valuable marketing device.

Perhaps one of the most important accessories for rugged retail devices is the barcode scanner. This not only helps with inventory tracking but also if you want to provide information to customers on the spot.

Rugged devices can be fitted with barcode scanners and RFID scanners, which will help to revolutionise the workspace.

Importantly, rugged devices are also extremely durable. If your store has an outdoor area, or you’re a pop-up shop – they will completely survive any harsh climates. This includes heavy downfall or freezing cold temperatures.

They’ll also survive the vast majority of shocks and drops – which are inevitable when you’re walking around with them. This gives workers peace of mind and ensures that employee downtime is kept to a minimum.

For restaurants

Restaurants are extremely challenging establishments, to both manage and work for. It requires skilful organisation and an incredible level of flexibility. Thankfully, rugged devices can provide help for both waiting staff, and those in back rooms or stock.

Your rugged device can mirror the system that your computers or other computer devices use. This can be Windows, IOS, or anything else – this means that you have all the information and data that you need, available with real-time updates.

The ability to have a device, that is able to integrate seamlessly into an establishment, is desirable to the majority of companies.

Applications can also be installed, which help with getting customer’s orders. Once inputted into the rugged device, the order can then be transferred, instantly, to the kitchen staff. This speeds up the service and reduces the risk of any errors being made.

With flexibility being the most important part for restaurant staff, rugged devices do not let the team down. They can work perfectly for waiting duties, kitchen tasks, and making payments. It’s this level of flexibility that makes them so desirable in this industry.

Of course, their durable design also makes a big difference here. When waiting staff are walking around, often with pottery and cutlery, drops are inevitable. Rugged devices are built in a way that they are protected both internally and externally. It makes them a great device to have when you know you’ll be walking around a lot.

They can also withstand any extreme temperatures – perfect for kitchen staff, or even for outdoor seating areas or drive through areas – the possibilities are endless.

Perhaps the most innovative part of the rugged tablet is that they can double as a Point of Sale system (POS). This has made, taking payments easy and stress-free – something that both the staff and the customers can appreciate.

POS accessories give workers the ability to take payments, at somebody’s table. This eliminates the need for queues – giving the restaurant more opportunity for more customers, and provides a seamless experience.

With WIFI, 3G, and 4G connectivity, the restaurant staff do not have to worry about there being a connection issue. This, again, provides them with peace of mind when they’re taking orders, payments, and checking inventory.

With long shifts, restaurant staff are constantly on their feet and continuously taking orders and payments. Consumer-grade devices would only last a couple of hours with this level of usage. Rugged devices boast exceptional batteries, which enables them to stay effective throughout long shifts.

Not to mention, there are also accessories like docking stations and mounts which not only add to the flexibility but often double as chargers. It’s a fool-proof way to ensure rugged devices prove helpful, even when being used for the full day.


As well as the obvious benefits deriving from barcode scanning, vending can also be benefited in multiple different ways. Predominantly, this is focused on inventory management and stocking levels.

With a rugged device, the user can manage supplier relations and maintain a real-time record of all merchandise inventory. This gives the user updated information of any stock that proves to be important.

Again, this helps substantially with providing a positive customer experience as it gives real-time insights into what products are out of stock, running low or in stock. This has proved to be important information in the retail world, especially with e-commerce.

Rugged tablets also have data on all the staff, which helps management. With GPS tracking and task updates – management can ensure that their team is constantly working well, and achieving goals. It can also minimize the risk or any problems or issues.

Applications which revolve around staffing management, account management, and training retailers are all available. Ultimately, this lowers the cost of any extra training or shop floor management – as everything can be tracked through a device.

On that note, it’s important to point out that rugged devices can also double as communication devices. They have messaging applications available – which can help all workers to keep in touch with each other, ensuring that organisation is of importance.

Rugged devices can also double as walkie-talkie style devices, which is perfect for staff that are continuously on their feet or fulfilling orders.

Rugged devices also come with an impressive range of incredible features that make them accessible and usable by everybody in the industry.

For instance, they have large, easy to read screens – perfect for retail staff who need to equally look at their screen, and a customer.

They can also run on any type of operating system – ensuring that they fit seamlessly into your already well-established team. They’re simply designed to make everything run a little bit smoother.

They come with handheld and stationary accessories, meaning they can double as a mobile communication device, or a mounted POS system on a desk.

Rugged devices also have an enviable processing power. This ensures that they handle graphics and large volume data, without slowing down or becoming unusable. This is an important feature to have, especially with the vast array of customer data and information.

To summarise, rugged devices have proven time and time again to be a priceless addition to retail. Regardless of the market, they can improve customer experience, ensure sales, and guarantee returning customers.

They also make the tasks for the hardworking staff much less intense and challenging – ensuring that they make fewer mistakes, and have a positive experience whilst at work.

They are a benefit to workers, management, and customers alike.