Advantages of Using Rugged Tablets for Law Enforcement

Technology and law enforcement go hand in hand, they have long played a vital role in these services. However, in recent years, technology has advanced at an unpredictable rate, making the devices law enforcement use all the more critical.

To respond efficiently, regardless of the situation, first responders need reliable, sturdy, and lightweight devices to work with them.

Of course, safety is also of paramount importance for law enforcement. Not only should devices allow police to move without obstruction, but the device also needs to be extremely secure and productive. Rugged tablets provide all of these benefits and advantages.

Today, law enforcement faces unique challenges. The way they work, and what their technology is used for, often doesn’t align well with consumer-grade devices. In short, they need a tool that is tailor-made for them.

To meet all these requirements, and also withstand any developments in the future, law enforcement needs to adopt rugged tablets. Below, we’ve listed all the specific ways that rugged tablets can solve problems, as well as ways that they can comfortably incorporate into the role.

1. Harsh environments

Law enforcement faces a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to technology. Police officers work in a broad range of different conditions, and there’s no way that devices can’t be handled roughly.

Not only do many patrol officers walk around in extreme temperatures and heavy downfall, but they also endure bumpy rides, high speeds, and shocks and drops. In extreme cases, these devices also have to work in natural disasters, and in terrorist attacks.

Police offers need their tools to work in extreme environmental conditions, as well as in situations that will cause substantial distress.

Rugged tablets, depending on the IP rating, have a level of durability that consumer-grade devices do not have.

Many can endure dust, dirt, high temperatures, severe environmental conditions, and any bumps and vibrations. In addition to this, rugged tablets often have a large screen, which is readable even under excessive sunlight.

2. Varied usage

Police officer’s days vary drastically. One day could consist of peaceful patrols, while the other is being a first responder at a destructive event. The technology that they use should be able to accommodate to this variation.

Police officers are able to use rugged tablets anywhere. Whether they’re in a car, on foot, on a motorcycle or in fast-paced situations.

Accessories like car mounts, hand straps, and keyboards are also available, to make this variation even more convenient. You can make your tablet to act more like a PC on office days, as a GPS on patrol days, and as a mobile device on first-responding days.

It’s safe to say that rugged tablets certain reach the demands of the law enforcement.

3. Reliability

As a job that deals with life-or-death situations, every single piece of equipment that they use must be reliable.

Not only should they be able to depend on their devices, but it should aid them safely and effectively. In high-risk situations, law enforcement shouldn’t have to worry about their devices.

As rugged tablets come with WIFI, 3G, and 4G capabilities, they can be used anywhere and everywhere. They can also connect to vehicle modems, making them reliable, fast, and efficient.

This gives everybody peace of mind.

4. Security

As a job that works to keep people safe and secure, it’s understandable that police databases have a lot of highly sensitive data.

Every single device that they use has to be safe and secure, especially at a higher level than consumer-grade devices.

Rugged tablets often feature Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), which essentially means secure hardware.

Many rugged devices will also follow through with any regulations and compliance standards. Optional add-ons will ensure that data is safe, and is very unlikely to be hacked or accessed by anybody unknown.

On the point of safety, rugged tablets can also be designed to not distract police officers when they are driving. This ensures safety on the road and also enables officers to follow road safety standards themselves.

Safety comes in multiple forms, and rugged tablets seem to have every box ticked.

5. Mobility

As we mentioned, many police officers will find themselves in fast-paced situations. Many high-tech consumer devices could prove to be detrimental to police officers.

If a device runs the risk of restricting or weighing an officer down, then they could be in potentially dangerous situations.

Not only this, but their devices need to be easy to access and fast to process information. They cannot waste time opening or accessing their device in dangerous situations.

Rugged devices are designed to be easily accessible, especially when law enforcement is considered. They’ll stay out of the way when they’re not in use, are easy to read, and are lightweight.

The hand strap addition also makes it even more accessible and mobile.

6. Budget concerns

Law enforcement faces a unique set of budget challenges. Getting funding for new devices can prove difficult in police departments.

However, rugged devices are recognised as smart investments throughout the industry. The total cost of ownership is considerably lower compared to other devices.

Their accessibility and effectiveness will also prove invaluable to the department – making it an easy device to consider in the budget.

As we mentioned, it’s also perfect for a range of varied situations. Office work, patrolling, or first responding. It’s a jack of all trade type of device.

10. Efficiency

Using rugged tablets proves valuable when collecting and inputting data. With real-time updates available anywhere, the chance of duplicate data is minimised drastically.

With paperwork, there’s an increased chance that records will be lost, or data will be inputted incorrectly. Rugged tablets shorten the process vastly and also increase accuracy.

It’s this level of efficiency that is so crucial in law enforcement. Police officers need as much time as possible, and data needs to be as accurate as humanly possible.

11. Compatibility

If technologies aren’t consistent in the police force, it can create more work for the police officers. For instance, in a consumer-grade tablet used one system, which isn’t able to coordinate fully with the PCS, discrepancies may occur.

High performing rugged tables tackle this challenge head-on and are built to be compatible with various relevant systems. This could be communication systems, record management systems, or other pieces of technology.

Consumer-grade tablets simply don’t provide this, which could cause a lot of problems further down the line.

12. Access to information

Rugged tablets give officers, regardless of their location access to important information wherever they are. With high-speed wireless databases, the police can now bring up driving records, medical records, criminal records, and warrants instantly.

This completely eliminates the need for radio dispatch, which in turn means they don’t need to stay in vehicles.

For safety reasons, this instant access to information proves to be incredibly beneficial. Not to mention, instant access to data can help officers with investigations.

13. GPS

Another priceless part of rugged tablets is their GPS features. These applications give officers directions to incidents, in the smartest way possible.

These GPS’s will provide information on traffic, roadworks, and routing. This enables them to arrive at the scene in the fastest way possible.

GPS tracking also enhances the officer’s safety. Supervisors and other law enforcement personnel will always know where the police are. This will flag any concerns before they can get out of hand.

GPS also helps data analysts find the best ways to improve crime rates and traffic problems in certain areas. By providing them with these insights, they can work together to make it safer and improved.

14. Cameras

Rugged tablets will also be fitted with at least one camera. This gives officers the ability to enhance visibility, and take important photos of scenes of crimes and crashes.

Rugged tablets can also double as a dashboard camera or body camera. This helps keep officers safe and the community safe. Supervisors can access the video feed, and any situation can be watched over to ensure that it was dealt with in the correct way.

Investigations have been made profoundly more efficient and objective since the introduction of these types of videos.

Rugged tablets have also been used to record any CCTV footage, while investigations are underway.

15. Collect information

Rugged tablets also prove advantageous when officers find themselves in a situation, where they need to collect information.

There are applications that collect signatures, magnetic stripe readers, and license plate scanners. Again, this improves the efficiency of data collection and enables real-time updates across all systems.

With applications like this, human error is basically impossible. Tablets prove to be the most effective way to accumulate data. With high processing power and an incredible memory, they will always remain reliable and fast, too.

With technology like rugged tablets, police work is easily made more efficient and consistent. It also improves the security and safety of the community whilst giving law enforcement more time to tackle crimes.

As time progressed, technology will play an increasingly vital role in law enforcement. Rugged tablets are proof of this.

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