10 Reasons-to-Love-Windows-10-on-Rugged-Tablets


Many businesses are choosing to use rugged tablets, rather than a PC or laptop. Obviously, their durable exterior and the fast-processing system makes it an obvious choice for many companies.

However, one worry that many have is that they won’t be able to use their beloved Windows system on their rugged tablet. Did you know that the majority of rugged tablets are compatible with windows?

If you’re planning on combining Windows and your rugged tablet, you’re making an excellent decision. Here are ten reasons why you should love Windows 10 on a rugged tablet.

Why you should use a rugged tablet over a computer

It may seem like the easier option to use carry on using your laptop or PC, but a rugged tablet can revolutionise your company.

Firstly, they’re incredible mobile and flexible – if you travel from the workplace to another workplace or construction site to construction site, a rugged tablet is a perfect choice. Not only is it comfortable to hold and use, but it has 3g and 4g components, ensuring that you can connect to the internet regardless of your location.

Obviously, rugged tablets also have amazing durability properties. Water, dust, extreme temperatures and shocks are no issue for a rugged tablet. This makes them the perfect addition to industrial workspaces, as well as retail and hospitality companies.

It’s safe to say that rugged tablets help you to stay ahead of your competitors. Whether you need them for surveying, or for taking payments.

By running Windows 10 on your rugged tablets, you can keep up to date with the latest systems and access everything you could possibly need. Without further ado. Let’s look at all the reason why Windows 10 on a rugged tablet has become a favourite amongst companies.

1. You have access to the desktop version

With rugged tablets, you have the option to use the Windows desktop version. Obviously, the most significant benefit of this is that the majority of users will be intermediately capable of using it. This prevents the need for any training and gives you access to all your documents and shortcuts.

Many companies love using Windows 10 on their rugged device as it grants you access to all your enterprise software and business applications.

For instance, Microsoft Office is available – giving you access to all your spreadsheets, presentations, and word documents. Alternatively, Warehouse Management Systems or other business applications are fully functional on the desktop version. Often, on mobile versions, software or applications can be reduced or lack certain functions.

Having this option, with rugged tablets, helps with compatibility issues, and creates continuity.

2.   You can choose tablet mode

Windows 10 has been designed to be compatible with tablets. As the user, you’re now treated with the option of switching to “tablet mode,” whenever you feel necessary. For instance, when you remove your tablet from your dock station.

In short, “tablet mode” is basically a different design for your desktop. It’s complete with large icons, optional apps, and a full-screen start menu. Though you might not find yourself ever personally using the tablet mode, many companies love this handy little switch.

Tablet mode gives you quick access to favourite and recent apps – helping when you’re on the go, and in a rush. Again, giving you that extra push of flexibility.

Don’t worry, tablet mode is still usable with gloves on – making it perfect for when you’re operating a forklift, for example.

It’s a little additional feature, that helps with accessibility, and can save time. Deployment 

3. The setting up process is quick

When setting up Windows 10 devices, the setup process is always efficient and easy. You’ll rarely run into an issue, as the software is so widely used and understood. For your business, this means that your Windows 10 rugged tablet will be ready to use in little time – preventing employee downtime.

External and internal IT teams can set up Windows 10 devices. All your workers will be ready with their own personal log-ins, eliminating any unnecessary stress.

This is one of the main reasons that companies love using Windows 10 on their rugged device. There’s minimal downtime, no training required, and minimal stress.  

4.  IT support is unmatched

As many companies will tell you, Windows 10 devices have an array of support services surrounding them.

User profiles, networking sharing permissions, and security settings will all be readily available with no extra setup. Additionally, if you do run into any problems, the IT support is painless and accessible. In fact, internal IT teams will be able to fix any issues, because of the widespread use of Windows 10.

5.   The most varied marketplace

Searching for a Windows 10 rugged device isn’t difficult – in fact, they arguably have the broadest range of rugged, purpose-built tablets around.

Searching for a Windows 10 rugged device is such a smooth process, that many businesses opt to go with the software for this very reason. There’s no obscure shop to look on or expensive components for repairs.

Though many might find a reason to criticise Windows 10 – the very fact that it is so widely used, and accessible, says it all. It’s a software that works, and that the majority of people are used to.

It should also be comforting for you, just how widely used Windows 10 is for businesses. It’s adored and sworn by for so many companies, mainly because of their many benefits.

6. Docking stations

Windows 10 tablets usually are compatible with universal docking stations. In comparison, other models are not compatible with these types of USB hubs, and so you have to be extremely mindful.

Many Android tablets have HDMI ports, rather than USB ports. While this may be useful for some, for businesses, a USB is much more used and essential.

In terms of docking stations, rugged tablets with Windows 10, seem to be much more convenient. Making it easy for retail businesses, for example, to place their rugged tablets on a counter to check stock.

7. There are unrivalled apps available

Windows 10 has a selection of apps available to use. Your mind may not jump to Windows and their apps – but they are underrated.

Admittedly, the Windows store may not be the most fantastic app store around – but for businesses, it has everything and more that you could possibly need.

Windows has a direct advantage over other software when it comes to apps. They’re known as “legacy apps,” and they have been at the forefront of businesses for decades. Even just the existence of these apps’ places them at an advantage over Android and IOS. Companies absolutely adore Windows 10 for their legacy apps.

8. You can multitask

We all know how important it is to multitask – Windows 10 is perhaps the best software to do this on.

As Windows was built from the ground up, they have a direct focus on being able to run multiple apps at the same time. While other software can do this, none really do this as well as Windows.

As most companies need employees to multitask, Windows becomes an obvious choice.

9.   Multiple Windows

On the topic of multitasking, Windows has something that many other devices don’t offer – a split-screen.

Multitasking is much easier to do when you can use multiple apps at the same time. With numerous windows being able to be opened at the same time, allows businesses to research, work, communicate, and find analytics all on one screen.

Windows are basically unmatched when it comes to split screens.

On IOS, you can’t have more than one app open at the same time. Android tablets rarely boast this feature, but when they do, it still doesn’t quite work the same as Windows.

This is where Windows 10 has a definite advantage.

10. Collaboration is possible

Windows 10 boasts one of the most amazing ways to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and clients. The ability to share documents and share other information with people is a fantastic addition, and perhaps one of the main reasons why people companies love Windows 10.

For example, office documents are much more accessible and better shared on Windows 10. While other operating systems have reasonable versions of Office, Windows is (as everybody knows) the best one for office. If all your co-workers also have Windows devices, you can rest assured that everything will be compatible with them. Likewise, as the majority of companies also use Windows devices, you can be sure that everything will run smoothly.

It could be fair to say that Windows 10 has enterprises in mind – making collaboration and compatibility the easiest.

What type of software you use for your rugged tablet is a very subjective choice. However, as a business, Windows 10 could be the easiest and most beneficial addition to your company.

Combining the amazing benefits of a rugged tablet, with all the benefits of Windows 10 is a great move – which can completely revolutionise your company.

There’s a reason why so many companies have decided to switch to Windows 10.

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