10 Benefits of Rugged Tablets

While researching into rugged devices, you’ll be bombarded with industry jargon and specifications. While this information is essential when shopping for your next technology device, it’s also necessary to know all the benefits of rugged tablets.  

While every business is different, there are universal benefits that are appealing to all types of industries.

Below we’ve listed the top ten benefits of choosing a rugged device.

  • Optimal Mobility

With tablets in general, one of the most appealing aspects of them is how mobile they are. This is especially great for hospitality businesses, such as restaurants or bars. With this increase in mobility, the staff can walk around comfortably.

With their advanced software, rugged tablets often have the same processing power as a laptop or pc – but with the added benefit of being lightweight and easy to carry around.

For delivery drivers, the mobility of rugged devices ensures that they can get signatures easily and efficiently.

Everybody knows the freedom that mobile devices bring – you’re no longer constrained to a desk. You can take your work everywhere you go, with no issues. This, combined with the other benefits of rugged devices, makes it the perfect choice.

  • Lower total ownership cost (TOC)

While it’s very true that rugged tablets do cost more than non-rugged tablets, the price is worthwhile in the long run. Research has shown that a rugged tablet is still cheaper in the long term, even if you got the non-rugged device for free.

The lower cost lies with the fact that rugged tablets don’t need repairing or replacing as often. They last longer and are less prone to failure, both externally and internally. Rugged tablets have been specially designed and created to last for years, with no interruption.

As a business, this also means that there is a minimum amount of downtime – again helping save your company money in the long term.

If you do run into a problem with your rugged tablet, the majority of rugged tablet vendors will ensure that components are available for up to five years. With consumer tablets, parts, and software completely change as soon as a new model comes out – this may prove to be costly when it comes to repairs.

  • Rugged tablets are durable

Of course, we have to mention the most obvious point, but arguably the most crucial point. Rugged devices have been specifically designed to withstand certain hardships – this makes them perfect for industrial areas.

For instance, they can be dropped, submerged in water, and subject to extreme temperatures, without damage occurring to the tablet. Of course, there is a limit to what will break a rugged tablet – but it is significantly more durable than consumer tablets. Any accidents that may happen, rugged tablets will be protected against.

The majority of rugged devices have an IP rating of IP65, which allows them to be dust-tight and protected against water spray. This is perfect for both warehouses and restaurants.

Rugged tablets are built with different materials and components so that they’re more durable on the inside and out. For instance, not only do they have stronger hardware, but they have more robust touch screens. This makes them perfect for both industrial use and retail use.

  • Higher performance processing

Rugged devices aren’t just great for protecting against bumps and spills, they also boast a much higher processing power.

In simple terms, this means that their systems can manage much more – perfect for businesses that have specific programs or systems. For instance, rugged systems will be able to efficiently run POS systems -which help to track stock and take card payments.

This is a significant factor for companies – especially if their workers are already accustomed to a particular system or program. Again, this reduces downtime – as you won’t have to train workers to use a new type of system. Also, a consumer device may often crash or run slower – this can cause many problems, including giving the customer a negative experience. Downtime with technology can cause many problems for businesses, whether you’re in a customer face or back end role.

When technology works efficiently and reliably, there’s less downtime – giving your business more chance to create revenue and provide a fantastic experience.

  • Usability features

As rugged devices are designed with businesses in mind, they have many advantages over consumer devices. For this reason, they provide users with certain features, that are incredibly useful for companies and workers.

One of these benefits is their sunlight readability feature. Rugged tablets come with an array of practical features like this – which make them all-around more comfortable and easier to use.

Sunlight readability reduces the glare on the screen, enabling the user to read the screen even with the harsh sun is shining directly on it. This is perfect for delivery drivers, or workers on construction sites.

Another feature that proves incredibly useful for workers is that touch screens can be used with gloves. Specific rugged devices will make their touchscreens usable, even with gloves on – something that many companies may worry about when buying a tablet for their workers. This is equally great for warehouse/lab workers, as well as delivery drivers in the cold weather.

For retail businesses, there’s also docks for when the tablets will be stood up on a counter. This makes usability and practicality a prime focus.

Again, it’s vital that rugged devices have businesses in mind – this allows them to be more compatible with your company. In comparison, consumer devices have the individual in mind – therefore, they don’t have the same benefits for businesses such as usability features or durable hardware.

  • Temperature resistance

A lesser-known fact about rugged devices is that they can withstand more extreme climates. For instance, if your workers are in hot warehouses, or cold freezers – their tablets won’t stop working.

This is an excellent benefit to using a rugged tablet, as many consumer devices completely stop working in extreme temperatures – not ideal for those who spend their workday in those types of climates.

As you’ll notice, the majority of the benefits revolving around rugged tablets lie with reducing downtime and ensuring customer service is optimal. Ultimately, this helps with revenue and worker morale.

  • 3g and 4g connection modules

One thing that rugged tablets has over a pc or laptop is their 3g and 4g modules. This proves useful when travelling on the road, or at times when the internet is down – you can never be too prepared for downtime.

These modules allow users to connect to the internet, regardless of where they are – delivery drivers especially benefit from this. It also acts as a great GPS.

Rugged tablet producers are also very aware that many construction workers, managers, and sales reps take their work on the road – it’s essential that you can be connected to the internet at all times to access emails, websites, and POS systems.

This type of convenience is only really available with mobile devices – combined with the durable properties, it makes it a safe, easy way to work and travel.

  • A focus on continuity

For companies to truly prosper, certain aspects need to continuous. One of these is the systems and programs that they use.

With consumer tablets, new updates and models come out every single year – it can be hard to stay focused on one design. When it comes to business, this type of change in design and functions can cause downtime amongst your staff.

The good news is; with rugged tablets, the focus is directly on longevity. This is true in terms of durability, and with systems too. This means rugged tablets will continue running the same way throughout all its lifespan. If there are any updates, support is also offered throughout – something that consumer tablets don’t offer.

If your company does focus on continuity, especially with the programs that you use, a rugged tablet is a perfect choice for you.

  • It caters to your specific needs

Rugged tablets are designed specifically for your business and your needs. For instance, some tablets may need to focus more on water and dust. While others need to focus more on drops and extreme temperatures.

The benefit of picking a rugged tablet is that they will be perfect for your specific requirements. Each device caters to you and your business – unlike with consumer devices that have a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Enhances employee productivity

It’s a surprising benefit of rugged tablets, but one of the most important.

When devices fail or break, employee downtime is inevitable- it’s impossible for employees to be productive when they don’t have the means to do so. With rugged devices, there is minimal chance of failure, enabling your staff to stay productive.

Another aspect of device failure is the impact that has on morale. When a tablet or computer doesn’t work well, it can begin to affect employees and workers.

We hope this has encouraged you to reap all the benefits of the rugged tablet. If you’re planning on getting a rugged tablet for your team, you’ll definitely experience all these wonderful benefits.

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